Burnsville woman charged after another iRobbery

  A Burnsville woman is facing a felony charge for allegedly driving the getaway car from a robbery at the  Best Buy store at 1235 Town Centre Drive Monday.
  Nalayasia King-Reed, 20, of 12501 Portland Ave. S., Burnsville, was charged with a felony count of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, according to a criminal complaint. King-Reed was one of four people in a car stopped by police May 14 after they chased the car from Yankee Doodle Road, up I-35E northbound, to an exit at Lone Oak Road. So far, she is the only person publicly charged in connection with the Best Buy robbery.
  Two juvenile males were charged in connection with theft of more than $3,000 worth of iPhones from the Eagan store, according to court records. Because they are minors, authorities have not released their names.
  The chase began after Best Buy employees, alerted of thefts from another branch of the store in Blaine, spotted the suspects in the Eagan store. Before an employee at the Eagan store had finished calling police, the suspects were allegedly running from the store with four stolen iPhones worth more than $3,000, according to a criminal complaint.
  One the way out, one of the juveniles threatened to fight a store manager, according to police. The getaway car, according to police, careened through the store parking lot and ran through a stop sign to head west on Town Centre Drive.
  A police officer nearby spotted the getaway car, a white Honda, heading west on Yankee Doodle Road. The officer followed the car onto 35E northbound and tried to pull it over. The getaway car did not stop, but slowed down from about 50 miles per hour to 40, according to court records. It then sped up again and continued to the Lone Oak Road exit.
  About halfway up the exit ramp, the getaway car slowed and one of the passengers got out, then got back into the car. A second suspect then jumped from the back of the car and began to run, dropping two iPhones as he ran from police, according to the criminal complaint. Police eventually caught up with the fleeing suspect and searched him. Police provided few details of his apprehension in the criminal complaint.
  It was the second police chase of car fleeing an Eagan retail store robbed of expensive Apple products in less than six months. Last November, five suspects were charged after a brazen midday robbery of about $8,000 worth of iPads and iWatches and police chase up Interstate 35E to St. Paul.

Summer jam awaits downtown commuters

  If you work in downtown Minneapolis, you might want to consider taking the summer off.
  The 35W construction project, already well under way, will be entering phase 2 in June, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. As a result, more ramps and bridges will be closed and traffic will be worse—a lot worse.
  The June construction will affect all commuters to downtown from the south metro area, according to the department. The department is urging commuters to consider working from home, changing work schedules, or taking public transportation, which will also likely be more crowded.
  Part of the project includes adding a MN Pass lane, so even after construction is done, unless you want to shell out the fees and deal with the administrative hassles of MN Pass, your commuting arteries might be clogged even after construction.
  Words alone cannot describe the approaching doom, so we include a link to the graphic details: http://www.dot.state.mn.us/35w94/pdf/stagingmaps/stage2.pdf.
  Enjoy the summer. This might be the year you finally spend more time with the children.

Tavia N. Turner, M.S.

Isagenix Wellness Coach


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Cruelty charges dropped

   A Farmington woman accused of cruelty to animals after a raid on her rental home was released from jail Friday after authorities, citing a need for further investigation, said she would not be charged immediately.
  The announcement was an unusual development after heavy publicity surrounding a search warrant executed at a Farmington house on Thursday, May 10. The authorities were called to investigate a report of a 400-pound pig running loose on the property Wednesday. Authorities obtained a search warrant and, with assistance from the Animal Humane Society, removed dozens of animals from the property, including 40 live cats and 60 dead ones the next day.
  A tenant at the property was arrested following the execution of the search warrant. With the 48-hour clock ticking, the maximum allowable time a suspect can be held without formal charges, the Dakota County Attorney’s office announced Friday the woman was being released.
  “We take claims of animal abuse very seriously,” Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said.  “Further investigation is needed to determine the cause of these cats’ deaths and who is responsible.”
  In the days since the raid at the Farmington home, some local animal adoption agencies have sought to distance and distinguish themselves from the home under investigation. The Animal Humane Society posted a message on its website: “The suspect in the case operates a foster-based animal rescue in Farmington. AHS [Animal Humane Society] has worked with that organization in the past but has since ended the relationship.”

Copper stolen from storage units

Eagan police released a security camera photo of this suspect vehicle in Lexington Avenue storage unit thefts.
   Eagan police are looking for a thief who broke into Lexington Avenue storage units Friday, May 11, and stole what they described as a large amount of copper.
   Police released surveillance photos of a suspect vehicle, a white sedan. Police allege a thief broke into two storage units at a self-storage facility in the 2900 block of Lexington Avenue.
   Anyone with information about the crime may contact the Eagan Police Department.

Murderer sentenced for summer crime spree

   A New Hope man who murdered a financial advisor in her Mendota Heights office last July and caused a tense manhunt throughout the area during a crime spree that included invading a senior care facility was sentenced to 545 months in prison May 11.
Lucifer Nguyen
  Lucifer Nguyen, 45, of 8324 31 st Ave. N., New Hope, pleaded guilty late Tuesday afternoon to one count of second-degree murder and two counts of aggravated first-degree robbery stemming from his July 29, 2017 crime spree.
   “Under this plea agreement, Lucifer Nguyen will be sentenced to over 45 years in prison,” Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said. “If he complies with all the requirements of his confinement, he could be released under supervision following 30 years in prison.”
   Nguyen was arrested August 1, 2017, after a four-day manhunt throughout the state that ended with a non-violent traffic stop in Blaine with the help of his brother. Nguyen’s crime spree began with a report of a home invasion in Mendota Heights at about 9 a.m. Saturday morning, July 29, according to a criminal complaint.
   A grandmother was at home with her 2-year-old grandchild when a stranger came to the door, left, then returned to pull a gun on her in her bedroom and demand cash. Nguyen then led police who spotted his car after the home invasion report on a high-speed chase that ended when he crashed the car into a pond.
   Nguyen then ran to a nearby senior care facility and forced his way in at gunpoint, ordering the female employee who answered the door into a laundry room and stealing her keys. While residents were being evacuated from the senior care facility, police received a report that blood was seeping from beneath a door at an office building across the street. A SWAT team went to the office building and found 48-year-old financial advisor Beverly Cory dead from a gunshot wound to the head.
   Cory’s car was missing from the office parking lot. Police found it the next day at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Police arrest two drug suspects after high-speed chase

     Two Minneapolis men are facing felony charges after a high-speed chase that started at an Eagan gas station Sunday night and led to the seizure of about 458 grams of marijuana tossed off a bridge.
     Mario Viorato, 33, of 3337 Clinton Ave., Minneapolis, was charged with fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle and fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance. The passenger in his car, Jorge Herrara, 29, of 3408 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, according to a criminal complaint.
     The felony charges stem from a high-speed chase on Highway 77 May 6. An Eagan police officer spotted Viorato’s car at a gas station at Cliff and Slater roads at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday. When the officer ran the license plate, he discovered Viorato’s driver’s license had been revoked and there was a warrant for his arrest, according to a criminal complaint.
     The Eagan police officer followed the car as it drove onto Cliff Road. When the officer turned on his cruiser’s emergency lights to stop the car, Viorato alleged turned onto Highway 77 southbound and sped up to 80 miles per hour. Police said the car nearly crashed into a guardrail as it tried to make a u-turn.
     Eagan police continued following pursuing the car as it exited from southbound 77 to northbound. Travelling northbound, the fleeing car sped up to 125 miles per hour until it slowed down and swerved to the right shoulder of the Minnesota River bridge.
     A police officer spotted a bag being thrown off the bridge from the passenger side of the fleeing car. Police were able to stop the fleeing car using a police maneuver after it slowed to 30-40 m.p.h. Bloomington firefighters arrived on the scene, rappelled off the bridge and retrieved the discarded black backpack from a patch of shrubbery.
     Inside the backpack, police allegedly found about 458 grams of a substance that field-tested positive for marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a digital scale, and a cell phone.
Mario Viorato