Man arrested for sawed-off shotgun

   A St. Paul man is at the Dakota County jail on a felony weapons charge following his arrest by Eagan police on July 12.
   Danny Chang, 23, of 810 Englewood Ave., St. Paul, was charged with possession of a machine gun or short-barreled shotgun, a felony, and possession of a firearm or ammunition by an ineligible person, a gross misdemeanor, according to court records. The charge resulted from a July 12 call to Eagan police shortly after 11 a.m. based on a report of a suspicious man, described as incoherent and shirtless, at an unnamed local business.
   When police questioned Chang at the scene, he allegedly told them he had put his guns into his car when he learned police were on the way. The two guns were identified as a Sig Sauer P320 9mm and a Browning 12-guage shotgun with a barrel that had been sawed off to 14 ½ inches, making it easier to concel.
   Chang allegedly told police he’d been carrying the guns “because he believed his drug dealer was after him,” according to a criminal complaint.
   At the time of his arrest, Chang was two days shy of the end of a two-year term of probation. He was on probation after pleading to a gross misdemeanor stalking charge in 2016, according to court records.
Danny Lee Chang

Police confiscate guns after shooting

   An Apple Valley man is facing a felony weapons charge after he allegedly shot a gun into his neighbor’s townhouse.
   Tyler Gordon, 27, of 13860 Granada Way, Apple Valley, was charged with a felony dangerous weapon violation, reckless discharge of a firearm, following the discovery of a bullet in the ceiling of a townhome May 14, according to court records. Apple Valley police were called to the 13800 block of Granada Way May 14 by a man who reported a bullet hole in the wall of his daughter’s bedroom. The victim later found a bullet lodged in a ceiling and called 911.
   Police removed the bullet from the ceiling and spoke to a neighbor on the other side of the shared wall where the bullet struck. The neighbor allegedly told police Gordon, who had “multiple guns” shot a bullet inside the home. The witness thought the bullet had hit the floor, according to police.
   Gordon allegedly admitted during questioning he had bought a new .38-calibre revolver the weekend before and was “checking” the loaded gun when it fired.
   Apple Valley police reported seeing a hole in the wall when they entered Gordon’s room to confiscate his firearms, according to court records.
   Dakota County Chief Judge Kathryn Davis Messerich issued an order this week prohibiting Gordon from using or possessing firearms as a condition of his release until his trial, currently scheduled for October 29.
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Won't You Be My Neighbor

City Council adopts The Sopranos ending

   Visitors To Be Heard will not be heard.
   Mayor Mike Maguire ordered cameras covering Tuesday night’s Eagan City Council meeting turned off for the final portion of the meeting, a segment where items not listed on the formal agenda are discussed. The video silence came after a presentation by a representative from the Minnesota Vikings discussing training camp, set to begin for the first time in Eagan next week.
   Instead of being able to see what was going on at what is supposed to be a public meeting, viewers who watch the city council meetings over the internet saw only a green screen. The screen read: “Per city policy, Visitors to be Heard will not be aired from now until election day [sic]. This meeting will continue shortly”.
    And that was it. No hold music. No test pattern. Not even a song by Journey.
   The mayor is running unopposed, but for write-in candidates in the upcoming November election. One candidate has filed papers to run against the incumbent city council members for re-election. The policy essentially gives the incumbent candidates a monopoly on screen time at city council meetings, as the cameras would be turned off for candidates wishing to speak about city issues during the last segment of the meeting.
   The meeting went offline for about 20 minutes, from 7:43 until after 8 p.m. when, without further coverage or explanation, a message appeared saying the broadcast had ended. 

City Council member continues absence

   Barely a month after being reinstated to her city council seat after being removed for excessive absences, City Council member Meg Tilley missed another council meeting Tuesday night.
   No explanation was offered for Tilley’s absence. She was one of two council members absent from the July 17 meeting. City Council member Paul Bakken was also absent.
   Tilley was reinstated to the city council on June 12, a week after Mayor Mike Maguire and the three other city council members voted to declare her position on the board vacant because she had missed meetings since January. She appeared for one city council meeting after that and was, again, absent for the second meeting since her reinstatement last night.
   At the time she was reinstated, Tilley, who came to the meeting in a wheelchair, said, “I’m excited to be back. This is wh[at] I love to do. I’ve had some medical issues. They do continue.”

Two jailed after raid at Eagan apartment

   Two people are in jail after a drug raid at an Eagan apartment.
   Halana Harris, 26, of 2401 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis; and Richard Quarles, 36, of 6415 James Circle N., Brooklyn; were charged with felony firearm possession, and narcotics sale and possession charges as a result of a June 29 Dakota County Drug Task Force raid on an Eagan apartment, according to court records.
   The two were found sleeping in the Eagan apartment, the address of which was not disclosed, when police arrived to execute a search warrant, according to criminal complaints. When drug enforcement agents entered the apartment, they found a semi-automatic rifle sitting on the living room couch, according to police. Police also found a coffee filter containing a white chunky substance, four loaded magazines of ammunition in a closet, digital scales, more ammunition, and a pink wallet containing a large amount of small plastic bags. The substance in the coffee filter tested positive for more than 10 grams of cocaine, according to the complaint.
   Police also searched a car at the scene and found a semi-automatic handgun under the front passenger seat and a plastic bag containing white powder.
   Police allege neither Quarles, convicted in Indiana of felony possession of cocaine in 2001, nor Harris, convicted of a controlled substance felony in 2013, can legally possess firearms or ammunition.
Halana Harris
Richard Quarles