A 5-year-old boy found unconscious and nearly drowned in a pool at the Fox Ridge Estates apartment complex last May was reunited July 25 with the construction workers and Eagan rescue personnel who saved him.
Leigh Monson reviews Mission Impossible
Construction of the Northern Gas Pipeline continued Monday, July 30, near Johnny Cake Ridge and Cliff roads.

Police accuse distant woman of drug possession

   Eagan police have charged the owner of a backpack found during a vehicle search last April with a felony drug charge.
   Heather Larscheid, 38, of 609 Cottonwood St. NE, Lonsdale, has been summonsed to appear in Dakota County court Aug. 27 to answer to a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance in the fifth degree, according to court records.
   The charge stems from an April 28 vehicle stop by Eagan police shortly before 10:15 p.m. near the intersection of Pilot Knob and Duckwood roads, according to a criminal complaint. Larscheid was not in the car at the time it was stopped by police, according to court records, but police allege she admitted to having belongings in the car when police called her at a phone number provided by a passenger in the stopped vehicle.
   The car stopped by Eagan police was being driven a 33-year-old police identified only by initials in the criminal complaint, a practice typically reserved for concealing the identities of crime victims, not suspects arrested at the scene. Police identified the owner of the car as a 39-year-old woman, again identified only by initials, who was riding as a passenger in the car at the time of the stop. Police allege neither of the two people in the car had a valid driver’s license.
   Police allege a backpack containing women’s clothing and documents with Larscheid’s name on them was found during a search of the stopped vehicle. Police allege the backpack contained .36 gram of a substance suspected of being methamphetamine, a digital scale, syringes, and empty plastic bags. The passenger in the car attributed ownership of the backpack to the woman charged, according to court records.
An Eagan police officer went into a storm drain Friday night to retrieve a woman's lost keys.

Drug suspect charged after high-speed police chase on local highway

   A Byron man is facing felony charges after leading police on a high-speed chase on Highway 52 near Highway 55 in Rosemount.
   Michael Schoenfelder, 38, 501 Towne Dr. NE, Byron, was charged with felony possession of more than 10 grams of a controlled substance in the third-degree and fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle, according to a Dakota County criminal complaint.
   The police chase began after a Rosemount police officer tried to stop the black 2014 Jeep Cherokee Schoenfelder was driving shortly after 8:30 p.m. July 24 because the driver matched the description of a driver whose license had been canceled, according to court records. Police allege the driver did not try to stop but, instead, sped up.
   Police chased the car as it changed directions from the northbound to the southbound lanes of Highway 52. The car continued speeding and trying to elude police, according to the complaint. The Jeep averaged 110 miles per hour during the 20-minute, 38 ½-mile chase, according to police, at times driving as fast as 125 miles per hour.
    As police chased the Jeep, they allegedly saw the driver throw out a digital scale and a plastic bag containing a suspected controlled substance.
   Police tried to stop the Jeep using stop sticks. The Jeep swerved then launched into the air and rolled several times before landing near a frontage road west of U.S. Highway 52 and 400th St., according to police.
   The driver, Schoenfelder, was taken to the hospital for injuries related to the crash. Police then conducted an inventory search of the crashed vehicle and found a plastic bag containing white crystal shards believed to be methamphetamine, another plastic bag containing a brown crystal substance, 50 small plastic bags, a glass pipe with residue, and a hypodermic needle, according to court records.
   The crystal substances field-tested positive for methamphetamine, with a combined weight of 24.96 grams, according to the complaint.
Michael Schoenfelder

Child Labor

The kids were working hard clearing weeds along a stretch of Wescott Road Thursday evening, July 26. A herd of goats, young and older, was brought in to clear a patch of buckthorn and other weeds in the woods surrounding the nearby lake.

Man charged with threatening grocery staff

   An Eagan man is facing a felony charge after he allegedly threatened grocery store employees with a knife July 22.
   Clayton Baultrippe, 60, of 1385 High Site Drive, Eagan, was charged with one count of felony threats of violence, according to a Dakota County criminal complaint.  Baultrippe was charged after Eagan police received a report of a man harassing and threatening employees of an unnamed grocery store with a knife.
   Police arrived at the grocery store parking lot and found a man fitting the description given to police. According to police, the suspect appeared to be “agitated” inside the truck in which was sitting and was waving his arms and appeared to be screaming and yelling inside the truck.
   The suspect opened the door of his truck, police ordered him to stay inside the vehicle. Police reported the man obeyed the officers but “continued to yell and swear hysterically at the store’s employees.” Police allege the suspect “continued to use harsh language and verbally attack the employees and began to verbally insult the officers as well.”
   When questioned inside a police squad car, Baultrippe allegedly admitted to threatening to “cut one of the employees” who “got in his face over an issue,” according to court records.
   The store manager reported he confronted Baultrippe “regarding items he was taking from the front of the store.” Baultrippe then accused the manager of racism, according to the complaint. Baultrippe then allegedly threatened to stab the store manager and shoot him in the head, according to the criminal complaint. The staff called 911 after managing to get the suspect to leave the store, according to court records.
EPD SWAT Unit at Burnsville standoff
   The Eagan Police Department’s tactical unit and other police departments in the area responded to a 12-hour standoff between police and a man with a gun at the Burnsville Costco parking lot Wednesday, July 25.
   The situation ended without injuries, according to police. The store was evacuated and the area was closed off. The area was re-opened to the public at about 5 a.m. Thursday. Police have released little information about the event.